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Turn to our specialists in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, for a wide range of sun shades, awnings, and other outdoor options. If you’re looking to liven up your outdoor patio, we have an array of solutions that will transform your property and protect you from unfavourable weather. Offering full design and installation services, we serve customers throughout the north west.

Cubola Sun Shade

Created to offer shelter and protection from the sun and enhance outdoor living, this exclusive pergola awning distinguishes itself by its sleek modern design. The Cubola may be installed either freestanding or attached to building walls. With a fully automated dual roller system, the awning fabric may be extended and retracted with the press of a button and positioned at various angles.

Ideal to protect you from low evening sun and rainwater, this option is truly unique. For privacy or protection from the wind, automatic side screens may also be installed. The frame of the Cubola is made from high-grade aluminium joined with specially developed internal corners, which guarantees stability and also ensures that bolts and nuts are hidden from outside view.

Maximum dimensions for the Cubola are 6m in width by 4m in depth. Heights are variable, but within these measurements, practically all dimensions are possible. Endless linking is available to shade large areas. Infra-red heaters and lights will also enhance your enjoyment of the space. As well as domestic outdoor living, this option is ideal for outdoor dining areas at restaurants, cafes, hotels, or any other commercial property where UV protection is required.


Piazzola Sun Shade

Providing strength and versatility, the Piazzola is a beautifully designed awning with a minimalistic pergola frame. This combination provides uniquely effective sun protection for both large and small areas, up to 6m by 5m. The Piazzola incorporates a supported fabric patio roof, which operates automatically from an internal motor and is equipped with a gutter system for easy drainage during rain or showers. Available in a wide range of fabric colours and patterns, Piazzola systems are ideal for homes, hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

Patio Awning

Patio Awnings

Shading areas up to 5m wide, our patio awnings are high-grade aluminium constructions. Choose from manual or powered options with wind and rain sensors and take advantage of our full design and installation service. Various fabric colours are available.

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Sun Sails

A contemporary solution for gardens and outdoor dining areas, sun sails offer colourful and stylish protection against UV rays. Available in a range of fabric colours and with either a galvanised or stainless-steel support pole, this option comes with our full design and installations service, including any groundworks. Just let us know the dimensions of the area you’d like to cover, and we’ll see to the rest. We are able to work with your main contractor on all new build projects.

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Solar Shading

Suitable for windows in both residential and commercial buildings, solar window shades are retractable shades for external installation on inward or non-opening windows. With a compact construction, these shades reduce solar heat gain in buildings, which sometimes occurs during prolonged intense sunlight. While this sometimes pays off in the winter, it often leads to overheating in the summer. External solar shading serves as the most effective method of reducing heat gain.

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Solar Screening

Providing up to 80% shading from the sun’s rays, solar screening shades are a sensible option to protect from solar heat gain. Allowing one-way visibility from the inside, the fabric is attached to a roller within a cassette. With different cassette sizes available, you will be able to protect up to 6m in a single unit. The intelligent ZIP-system in the side guides ensure that the screen operates smoothly and is held securely, without distortion, even when exposed to winds of up to 145km/h.

stylish vision blinds that we offer

Automatic Functions

All roller window shades are fully automatic operated by a handheld remote control or by wall mounted controls. Whether you want to link shades to sun and rain sensors or you’d prefer to set up a timed network for automatic opening and closing, you’ll be able to customise shades for your needs. As a protective measure against very high winds, our wind sensors will ensure automatic closing.

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Anti-Pollen Screens

Keep airborne allergens out of your home with our highly effective anti-pollen screens. Our first-rate anti-pollen screens allow a lovely flow of air through your home while protecting you and your family from 99% of airborne allergens. Available as screens, blinds, and window filters, each unit is versatile and adaptable, ensuring that your individual requirements are met. If you’re unsure about which unit is best for you, contact our team today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Pollen screen windows are a neat way of screening uPVC windows, especially when the locking handle may obstruct a conventional screen. The mesh is held within a sprung cassette at the top of the screen, and held close to the window by the fixed side guides. Extensive European testing has been undertaken on these screens and the pollen mesh has been certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation, giving this allergy-friendly product a true seal of approval.


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