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Bring your ideas into the light with our range of high-quality window shutters. Choose wooden shutters from the widest range of styles and premium materials, from entry level MDF to “FFC-certified” White Teak. 

Serving clients across the North, we fit shutters to any shape of window, no matter how curved or angled, small or large.

Why Choose Shutters?

Produced by the world’s largest shutter manufacturer, our shutters are finished with high-quality paint or stain and finished with a further UDF layer to protect against fading. Virtually maintenance-free, shutters add a layer of heat and sound insulation and also provide the ultimate light and privacy control. They are also excellent for customers who suffer from dust allergies.

Tailor-made shutters become part of your home and bring years of satisfaction and value to your property.

How We Work

When you choose us, our experienced fitters will call at your property to confirm accurate measurements for manufacturing. Once the shutters have been made and delivered, we will return to fit them at a time that’s suitable for you. We also offer a supply-only service if you would prefer to install your shutters yourself.

Confident in the pricing and quality of our work, we never leave a job without making sure that everything is in perfect working order. Priced per square metre (m2), our shutters come with the manufacturer’s standard 3 year guarantee. We increase this guarantee to 5 years if we are responsible for the installation. For supply-only orders, we will advise on how to measure to ensure the best fit, but the product is supplied without the usual guarantees, as we have no control over the quality of the fit.

Shutter Range Summary


Bound and laminated with epoxy, this engineered product MDF (medium-density fibreboard) is very strong, with a wipe-clean surface. Shutters are available in 9 colours. Its weight makes it unsuitable for curved designs or if you require more than 2 doors on each side of your window. However, this is a budget material with a premium look.


  • Fitted – £210 to £250 per m2

  • Supply Only – £150 to £174 per m2


Available in a choice of 22 colours, this stunning option comes at a surprisingly low price. Finished with ABS louvres, these engineered frames (MDF) are a great choice. Please note that it is not possible to make curved shapes with this material.


  • Fitted – £220 to £290 per m2

  • Supply Only – £223 per m2


Crafted from hardwood, these doors provide superb insulation. Shutters are available in 23 colours in an MDF frame. Although it is not possible to create curved shapes with these frames, it’s the most competitive hardwood option available.


  • Fitted – £275 to £330 per m2

  • Supply Only – £227 per m2


Specially manufactured for harsh environments with high humidity, this shutter is ideal for bathrooms, showers, wet-rooms, and kitchens. The closed cell composite technology of the ABS gives a superior waterproof shutter that won’t warp, dent, or chip.


  • Fitted – £340 to £395 per m2

  • Supply Only – £281 per m2

Conservatory roofsliders 2


Pawlonia wood is an extremely light hardwood, which makes it suitable for use in areas where other varieties are not, such as a conservatory roof or large tier-on-tier windows. Available in various colours and stains, its prominent grain is reminiscent of oak and appears rich and exuberant, even when painted. Its soft surface is liable to marking if treated roughly, which is why we recommend that you use it out of the way of heavy traffic and young children.

Alternatively, Fiji is also available in a Hardwood shutter and frame for more durable needs. Both Pawlonia and Hardwood shutters and frames can be shaped.


  • Fitted – £320 to £385 per m2

  • Supply Only – £252 per m2


Samoa range is crafted from the finest quality timber. It is manufactured from the highest grade Ayous wood when painted and the beautiful light grain of white teak when stained.

This distinctive new product features thick robust frames to accommodate an optional hidden hinge.The fully adjustable hinge creates a sleek and modern design, with elegant contours and clean doors. The frames and louvres are proportionate insize, producing a visually pleasing finish.


  • Fitted – £340 to £395 per m2

  • Supply Only – £339 per m2

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