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Imagine a stylish, versatile and efficient way of living with the addition of interior shutters in your home. At Outshine Shutters & Blinds, we can help realise your ambitions with the widest range of styles, colours and premium materials available.

Shutter styles
Every home can be transformed by interior shutters which suit all ages and styles of property. From the sleek contemporary look of full height to continental café style, browse our broad range of shutters for windows and doors and find your style.

Whether you are thinking of finishing off a regular square window, classic bay, conservatory, or something with a more unique shape, at Outshine Shutters & Blinds with our preferred partner, S:CRAFT, we help bring your vision to light with plantation shutters, made-to-measure, just for you.

More than just a window covering, shutters add a personal touch to your home, also working well for wardrobes, patio doors and room dividers, helping you make the most of both space and light.

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Imagine materials perfectly suited for your requirements:

From MDF and hardwood through to water resistant ABS, S:CRAFT shutters are designed to help you realise your vision. Manufactured for your space, shutters suit all window shapes, no matter what the size and shape.

Whether you are looking for better light control in your living room, or added privacy for your bathroom, then there is a shutter for you. S:CRAFT shutters from Outshine Shutters & Blinds, are not only a timeless style statement. If you are looking for total control over light levels, ultimate insulating properties and absolute privacy, then our plantation shutters are for you.

Choose from a variety of appealing colours and styles to match your interiors. Effortlessly maintainable, our shutter materials also help insulate your home against temperature loss in winter, and heat gain over summer. lcick on any of the shutter names below to see more detials.

Room Darkening

Versatile and insulating, shutters do still let a small amount of light into your home, even when closed, which is why at Outshine Shutters & Blinds we offer an S:CRAFT integrated room darkening blind system. Sitting snugly within its own channel behind the shutter, the room darkening blind provides the functionality of blackout blinds combined with the contemporary look of standard shutters.

If you or your family struggle to sleep due to external light, then the room darkening system is a must. Virtually eliminating all external light from the room, it is ideal for shift workers who need to sleep during the day, as well as for nurseries and home cinemas.

Available for the majority of the shutter ranges, for full height and tier-on-tier shutter styles.

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Colours & Finishes

With over 50 standard paint colours and wood stains available, there is plenty of choice depending on which material you select. S:CRAFT white shutters come in many shades, and our soft pastel range will complement most homes.

And, if that doesn't hit the mark, in most of our shutter ranges, we can custom match the finish to whatever colour you fancy.

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Design Options

With made-to-measure S:CRAFT shutters from Outshine Shutters & Blinds, you can achieve the look you want from the size of your louvres to the position of your tilt rod. Book and appointment today to meet us and we can help you design the perfect arrangement for your home. 

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Contact us today, in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, for more details about our wide range of wooden window shutters.

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