Bermuda Shutters

Imagine a broad range of colours breathing new life into your windows, making a timeless style statement in any room.

Crafted from a seamless blend of painted MDF, with ABS louvres, Bermuda shutters offer a number of extra design choices beyond our entry-level Antigua range. With a choice of 22 stylish colour choices, plus custom colour option, the frame and panels are painted to an incredibly high standard, providing a more natural finish for the shutters. 

Bermuda is available in wide range of louvre sizes, to suit your requirements of both light and privacy, as well as personal preference. As the louvres are manufactured from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) the panel weight of the shutter is reduced. This means that single panels can be much wider than the Antigua range. As Bermuda is also made with a polypropylene coating, the shutters are protected from changes in ambient temperature which can lead to condensation. 

Both MDF and ABS are sturdy materials, making Bermuda a good choice for homes that have a busier family life. If your furnishings get a few more scratches and bumps than you’d like, then Bermuda may be the range for you.

Bermuda prices range from:

  • Fitted = £220 to £290 per square metre (m2)
  • Supply Only = £223 per square metre (m2)

Key features:

  • Crafted from high quality MDF, with ABS louvres
  • Choice of 22 stylish colours, custom colour option and 10 optional hinge colours
  • Available in 5 Louvre sizes: 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, and 114mm
  • Covered in extruded polypropylene coating

Suitable for:

  • Dry, well ventilated rooms
  • Double glazed windows with white frames
  • High traffic areas of the home, such as room dividers
  • Busy families looking for a more hardwearing window covering

Lighter and more versatile than standard MDF shutters: 

With louvres made from ABS, the shutters are much lighter than Antigua, so Bermuda is more suited to larger windows. As the frames and panels are crafted from MDF, however, they are still not ideal for rooms with increased moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens. For these spaces, the fully ABS Java range is for you. 

With a variety of 22 contemporary colours, custom colour option and 10 optional hinge colours to choose from, you can find a look to suit your imagination. Most styles of shutter are available in Bermuda. If you are looking to finish a curved window, then you would need the premium hardwood Fiji and Sumatra ranges.

Each Bermuda shutter has a decorative bead along the length of the stile, providing them an enhanced finish. There are five sizes of louvre available, ranging from 47mm up to 114mm, giving you the ability to have the right balance of light control and privacy for your space.

Imagine furnishings beautifully made to measure your taste, your home and vision. Book an appointment on the link below to see how tier-on-tier shutters can help you realise the vision for your home.

Colour selection for Bermuda shutter range. 

Please note that these are for reference only and actual shades may differ on final product.

Bermuda colour range

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