French Door Shutters

Imagine adding a little extra Gallic flair to your French doors with sleek, chic made-to-measure shutters… 

It seems that French doors and Outshine Shutters & Blinds with S:CRAFT shutters are a match made in heaven. What better way to put the ‘French’ into French doors than by enhancing their style with classic louvres? 

S:CRAFT shutters can be crafted to fit any door size and can be matched to blend with window shutter designs too, creating a seamless style across any room. They’re fixed to the door, instead of the frame, and you can colour match them to any high street paint. Plus, you can specify cut-outs that accommodate existing door locks and handles. This is practicality and elegance, made to measure.

Transform your French Doors

Take control of the light filtering into your home with shutters that are designed to help you make the most of your French doors. Tilting the louvres provides excellent light control, as well as providing privacy from the outside world, which is particularly useful if your home is overlooked by other properties. 

Like all of our shutters, French door shutters help insulate your home, adding a layer to your space, and reducing heat loss when closed. For larger glass expanses like patio doors, and conservatories, plantation shutters keep you warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer months. 

Key Features:

  • Fixed directly to the door
  • Cut out for door handles
  • Custom colours available
  • Light and privacy control

Suitable For:

  • Patio doors
  • Properties overlooked by others

French door shutters are a practical way to emphasise the beauty of the glass:

Unlike fabric based window coverings, shutters are practical solution, being easy to clean, and operate. Simply wipe with a clean cloth and you’re done, helping prevent the build-up of dust. There is also no problem when you need to clean the glass itself, as the panel is hinged to the frame itself, so can simply be opened providing the necessary access 

S:CRAFT shutters from Outshine Shutters & Blinds are beautifully designed to emphasise the glass, remarkably durable and made to measure the shape and size of your French door. 

Depending on the material you choose for your shutters, there are different colour, textures and finishes available helping you to realise the vision for your space. Whether you are looking to achieve a contemporary or classic interior design, the versatility of our shutters suits the scope of your imagination. 

See it in your mind’s eye and we’ll help bring it to life. Book an appointment on the link below to see how tier-on-tier shutters can help you realise the vision for your home.

Choose your material for French Door Shutters

With a range of hardwood through to water resistant ABS, we have access to the best choice of materials and colours to suit your space.

Contact us today, in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, for more details about our wide range of wooden window shutters.

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