Solid Panel


Imagine giving your room an elegant new look whilst enjoying total control over privacy and light, with enhanced insulation as an added benefit… 

Here’s where S:CRAFT solid panel shutters from Outshine Shutters & Blinds step forward and really impress. Instead of tilting louvres, they are crafted from solid premium hardwood panels, so you can choose to have them fully open to let the light shine in, or close them and block it out completely.

If you have a large period property, these are a classic choice as they tend to blend in perfectly with the flow of the room. During the day, you’re able to flood each room with warm light. And at night, you can block out any light from outside, simply by shutting them.

There’s the additional benefit of improved insulation, perfect for homes with only single glazing due to the age of the property. 

Solid Panel Shutters

As implied by the name, rather than the usual louvres found on S:CRAFT shutters, the solid panels can only by operated by opening or closing the whole panel itself. Opening the panels fully lets in as much sunlight as possible during the day, and blocks out any external light when closed. 

Available only in our premium hardwood ranges of Fiji and Samoa, solid panel shutters provide a more classic look. As they help promote a more traditional, classic aesthetic, solid panels are a popular choice for cottages and listed buildings such as period properties and large countryside homes with sash windows or high ceilings. 

Key Features:

  • Visual simplicity
  • Classic look
  • Premium hardwood panels
  • Adds an insulating layer
  • Black out effect when closed

Suitable for:

  • Bedrooms close to streetlights
  • Wardrobe doors
  • Older properties

Create a classic look with hardwood shutters:

With such a wide range of colours on offer, Outshine Shutters & Blinds are proud to offer S:CRAFT shutters that are made to measure your imagination. There is a custom colour option too if you have a more unique vision for your interiors. 

Whether you choose a painted or classic wood stain for your solid panels, there is also a choice of a raised insert or a flat shaker style on the panels themselves. These extra options help you customise your shutters to suit your tastes and get your shutters just as you’d pictured. 

Turning little spaces around the home into cupboards with ease, solid panel shutters are also a stylish alternative to bespoke wardrobe doors. They’re crafted just for your home, so no matter what the shape and size of the space, a solid panel shutter can finish it off in style. You can choose between full solid panels, or a combination of a solid panel and louvres. 

Bring your vision to light with premium solid panel shutters from Outshine Shutters & Blinds and S:CRAFT Book an appointment on the link below to see how tier-on-tier shutters can help you realise the vision for your home.

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